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What is "Chi Meditation"?

Why meditate?

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What is "Chi Meditation"?

Chi is a fundamental concept of Chinese culture, meaning "energy" in nature, or the life force connecting body, mind and spirit. It can manifest as different forms of energy such as electromagnetic, aura or light and others.

Meditation could be defined as, "If you meditate, you give your attention to one thing, and do not think about anything else, usually as a spiritual activity or as way of calming or relaxing your mind."

It is the art of consciousness becoming aware of itself on the grand and cosmic scale, or a mind-body technique strengthens the communication between body, mind and spirit.

"Chi Meditation" is a a synergic way of Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Tai Chi (Tai Ji) and Meditation to achieve the hamony of body, mind and spirit.

Chi Kung (Kung means technique), or Qi Gong , is a 5,000 year old healing art and newly revitalized science originated from China.

Tai Chi (Tai Ji), a moving meditation, focuses on developing and circulating Chi throughout our body. When Chi is weak or stagnant, we become ill.

Without the techniques on Chi, meditation would be difficult; without meditation, the function of Chi would be limited.

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